What happens to the doves after they're released?
These amazing creatures are raised and trained to return to their home-loft quickly and safely upon release at your event. This ability depends on good health and extensive training by a knowledgeable handler.

How does a dove release work at a wedding?
First, we like to hear what you have planned for your wedding day. An on-site consultation provides an opportunity to talk about those plans, see the site and make recommendations that will give you the effect you want. In most cases you will have many choices. Your imagination and the safety of the birds is the only limit!

I would like a dove release at my wedding, but we're having a church ceremony.
A dove release is a lovely extension of your wedding vows when it takes place just after the ceremony on the church steps or garden area. The doves can also be released at other significant moments or as you leave in place of tossing rice or birdseed. Today many site prohibitions make a dove release one of the few safe and acceptable options for your grand departure.

I've been told the birds can be released only in daylight.

That's true. Releasing the doves after sunset does not always allow them time to get home that same night. In order to give the birds sufficient time to return home we cannot release our birds less than two hours prior to sunset. Our policy ensures our doves encounter safe flying conditions and have sufficient time to return to their loft before nightfall.

Do the doves ever, er, um ... you know?
No. We take special precautions to help ensure their dignified behavior. Special diets and feeding programs guarantee the prevention of accidents during release.
















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